ORDR.IE – The Innovative Restaurant & Streamline Hospitality solution by YawDev team

At YAWDEV, we are dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions for the hospitality industry. Our latest project, ORDR, shows how innovative technology can transform and simplify the operations of hotels, restaurants, bars, venues, and markets. Designed to simplify ordering and payment processes, ORDR is a comprehensive web platform that caters to both business owners and their guests.

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Business Features

ORDR allows businesses to create a customized profile and detailed menu, making it easier than ever to manage orders and provide exceptional service.

One of the standout features of ORDR is its ability to allow businesses to create a fully customized profile that acts as a central hub for their brand. Businesses can include essential elements such as their name, an enticing tagline, a recognizable logo, and a captivating banner image. Additionally, each business is assigned a unique URL, like ordr.ie/…, making it easy for customers to access their specific menu online. An automatic QR code, embellished with the business logo, is generated and can be displayed prominently to direct guests to the digital menu effortlessly.

The versatility of ORDR extends to menu management, providing businesses with the tools they need to craft detailed and dynamic menus. Businesses can organize their offerings into sections, complete with titles like “Mains” or “Sides” and accompanying descriptions that set customer expectations. Each menu item can be detailed with a title, description, photo, price, additional price options for special offers, and allergen information. Items can be marked as ‘not available’ or ‘sold out’ to keep the menu up-to-date. Furthermore, ORDR offers customized design options, enabling businesses to choose their preferred fonts and accents to align with their brand identity. The platform even supports time-based menu displays, allowing businesses to show different menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at specified times.

ORDR also includes robust settings that enhance the user experience for both businesses and their guests. A generative QR code feature allows businesses to create specific codes for rooms or tables, incorporating the business logo and the respective room/table number. Businesses can preview their menu through a dedicated button that links to the end-customer view. Customization extends to fonts, colors, and currency settings, along with various styles for displaying allergen information, including color, grey, outline, and solid options.

To provide a seamless and secure payment experience, we have integrated the Stripe payment gateway and Revolut Business Payment Gateway into ORDR. This integration allows guests to make quick and reliable card payments directly from their devices. Stripe’s robust infrastructure ensures secure transactions with a wide range of payment methods, while Revolut offers an efficient alternative for real-time business transactions. The dual integration of Stripe and Revolut means that guests can choose their preferred payment method, contributing to a smoother and more flexible ordering experience. Businesses benefit from this integration through streamlined payment processing and comprehensive transaction records, further simplifying order fulfillment and financial management.

The platform’s dashboard is another powerful tool, offering businesses a clear and organized view of all orders in a chronological list. This list details crucial order information such as date/time, room/table number, customer name, email/phone, order specifics, amount, and status. For a more visual and analytical approach, the dashboard provides graphical views of order volume over various periods (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually), compared to previous periods. This functionality aids businesses in generating detailed reports and gaining insights into performance trends. Additionally, a customizable graph view of revenue within a specified time frame helps businesses make informed decisions based on financial data.

Tech Stack

To build a robust and scalable platform like ORDR, we leveraged a comprehensive tech stack that incorporates both cutting-edge and reliable technologies. The application is deployed on AWS, utilizing EC2 instances for scalable computing power and RDS for managed relational database services, ensuring high availability and security for our data. Containerization with Docker allows for consistent and streamlined development and deployment processes. On the backend, we employed Python and the Flask web framework to create a fast and efficient server-side application. The frontend is crafted with React, using both Typescript and Javascript for a type-safe and dynamic user experience. The data is stored in a MySQL database, ensuring robust data management and query capabilities. This tech stack ensures that ORDR is not only powerful and flexible but also highly scalable to meet the growing demands of the hospitality industry.


In summary, ORDR is an all-encompassing platform designed by YAWDEV to meet the diverse and dynamic needs of the hospitality industry. It empowers businesses with the tools to create detailed profiles, manage comprehensive menus, customize settings, and analyze performance through an intuitive dashboard. This innovative solution is set to transform how hospitality businesses operate, making order management and customer interaction more efficient and seamless.

For more information about ORDR and other innovative projects by YAWDEV, visit yawdev.org or contact us at contact@yawdev.org.

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